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What the writer said about him.

Rich Dunoff works as a professional photographer based in the Philadelphia area. He specializes in shooting on location for corporate, advertising and editorial uses. His work is characterized by its strong use of graphic compositions and color.

Rich flourishes in environments that give nightmares to studio shooters accustomed to controlled conditions. He thrives on the diversity of challenges available to the location photographer and imaginatively and efficiently exploits the unpredictable. His strongly composed images often are of people who seem to genuinely enjoy being in front of his camera. They look relaxed, natural and sincere. He seems to capture them the way they are or at least the way we would all like to believe they are. His clients and photographic subjects often comment on how much fun it is to work with Rich and how happy they are over the results.

Because of his years of experience he has learned to adapt to any situation be it shooting babies and their parents in a studio environment for medical and pharmaceutical ads or shooting trucks in a driving rainstorm for one of his trucking clients.

During the past couple of years Rich's work has been published in numerous calendars and books.

He recently completed a photographic book about the University o Delaware called "A Celebration, The University of Delaware". This project captured the campus icons, architecture, student life, faculty, and sports. The project took 8 months to complete and the book has close to 100 of Rich's original pictures of the campus in it.Excerpts from the book can be located by clicking on the book cover or on Education on the contents page. .

What Rich said about himself.

I like challenges, for example this site was a challenge. The challenge that I set for myself was to build a site in which people could easily go through a variety of portfolios and get a sense of the quality as well as the types of things I have done. I want the site to give the viewer a sense of what I am about, my sense or lack of sense of humor, as well as my work ethic and desire to do great work.

Many photographers sell themselves as a specialist in one area or another. I have been typecast by some clients as only shooting industrial, another only thought of me when they were working for medical clients, the truth is my specialty is shooting on location. I bring the same sensibilities to a shoot whether I am shooting close to home for a pharmaceutical client looking for lifestyle types of photographs, shooting in a chemical plant or office on the west coast or shooting trucks in the rain.

Early in my career I was lucky and worked as an assistant and learned from some great photographers. These people were generous with their time and in sharing their knowledge and experiences. I learned that the problems encountered on location often lead to more creative solutions then the initial idea. We have frequently been on jobs in which someone suggested what they thought would make for an interesting picture only to arrive at the site and find that what was originally expected does not exist. One job comes to mind, I was assigned to photograph a chemical plant in New Orleans. The executive who commissioned us told my contact to get a picture of the plant reflecting in the Mississippi River. We arrived at the site and found that the river was about 3 miles from the plant. If we were on the moon the plant wasn't going to reflect in the river. Luckily there had been rain the night before and there were puddles on the property. I found one that gave a good reflection and we came back to that area at dusk and made a beautiful picture of the plant from the mini Mississippi. The executive loved the shot and loved that we took his idea and turned it into a great picture.

The problems in doing location work are essentially the same. Good planning and the ability to be flexible in different situations are the keys to being able to pull off the seemingly impossible. I always try to get as much information as possible before going out on a job and then expect everything to go wrong. My motto is if anything can go wrong it will. This way I am prepared and if I luck out and everything goes as planned, wonderful and if nothing goes as planned I am mentally and technically prepared to meet the challenges of the job.

I have great war stories about the things that didn't go as planned and where we not only delivered usable pictures but also won awards with them, but you will have to call me if you are interested in hearing them. My number is (610)449-9979 call me I'd love to hear from you, or at the very least please sign my guest log.

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